Olena  Chuprina (Isaenko)

was born on 10.08.1967, in Izmail, Odessa region, USSR.

Her main credo is an experiment. "A minimum of means - a maximum of expression!"


For years she studied the culture, art and philosophy of the East (India, China, Japan).

She had study at the Odessa State Engineering and Construction Institute ... but did not graduate from it.


2000 - entered the Izmail State Humanitarian University, specialty - painting, drawing and design.


2002 - took part in the competition of Ukrainian Hairstylists Union, the magazine "Zerkalo Mody" (the idea and sketch writer, model).


2002 -2004 - an All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Fine Arts dedicated to the International Women's Day (graphics), Kiev, Izmail.


2003 - Regional exhibition "Beauty created by woman" (graphics), Izmail Gallery.

Also: Design and Decor in Art-Salon "Medusa", Sobornaya square, 2, Odessa.


2004 - personal exhibition, more than 30 works  Art Salon "Medusa", Odessa (graphics).


2005 - graduated from the Izmail State Humanitarian University and was invited to the magistracy with the work in psychology and art - "Art Therapy as the harmonization of the individual."


2009 – Exhibition and Festival dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Odessa Film Studio, Odessa (collage).

Since september 2010 - 2011 she works in the Creative Studio.


2010 - Independence Day of Ukraine "Love Ukraine", Odessa. Diploma for active participation of the decorative and fine arts masters of Ukraine from the center of Ukrainian culture.


2013 - The II All-Ukrainian triennial exhibition of abstract art "ART-AKT", Chernovtsy (painting).


2014  - the III Interregional ART competition of modern positive art "the Pink Bulldozer", Odessa (painting).


2015 - Ukrainian Art Competition "Pink Bulldozer", Art Gallery Korobchinskogo, Odessa (painting).


2015 - "Art - this is a lie ...", Literary Museum, Odessa (painting).


2015 - International Art Festival "Talent energy fest Ukraine - Terra inkognita", Cherkassy Art Museum, Cherkassy and museum-workshop I.Kavaleridze, Kiev (painting).


2015 - "Black-and-white format," Art-living Marazlievskaya 10, Odessa (painting).


2015 - Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Artist, Kiev (painting).


2015 - XIX Art International exhibition "High Castle", Lviv (painting).


2015 - All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition, Kyiv (painting - eglomize).


2016 - International Art Competition "Pink Bulldozer", Literary Museum, Odessa (painting).


2016 - Art Project "Wings", an experimental art-center "Tea Factory", Odessa (painting).


2016 - VI Ukrainian festival of Easter eggs Easter Day 2016 art-performance authoring Eggs on Sophia Square, Kiev (painting).


2016 - Art Festival in the Catacombs, Nerubayske  (painting).


2016 -  International Exhibition of Painting, Art Projects  " South Wind "  at the House of Scientists ,  Ukraine-Polska, Odessa  (painting).


2016 - The project "South Wind" at the Art W.Galerii "Pod Pawiem", Poland, Krakow (painting).


2016 - Exhibition for the Artist's Day from the International Union of Artists "Sztuka bez granic" (Ukraine - Poland), Odessa (painting).


2017 - III All-Ukrainian triennial of abstract art "ART-ACT" Chernovtsy (painting).


2017 - Territory << X >> creative project of the group "Ricky". Art Center UNDERPUB, Odessa (painting).



A participant of the photo shoots as an artist and art director (style, make-up, model).


Works in batik (Belgium, Ukraine, private collection), graphics (USA, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, private collection), painting, collage and mixed techniques.


Image technique (graphics) was approved by the teachers of faculty of Fine Arts of Izmail State Humanitarian University in 2002 (teachers: Shishman I.I., Kara A.D, Pastyr I.B.).


From 2009 till now works for herself as a freelance artist with the work performed in the style of abstract expressionism, gives private lessons and master classes in painting, drawing, arts and crafts (recommendation letters are attached).


Currently prepares to publish a collection of poems with illustrations by the author.











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