Yoga of the inner artist and Meditative Drawing.


Drawing what you see is great, but it's better to reproduce by utilizing your memory. After all, people only remember what struck them, and therefore, the most significant things in life (Edgar Degas, impressionist artist).


Meditative drawing will help you to unleash your yet hidden talents, to destroy the internal psychological barriers that prevent us from believing in ourselves, truly unite the right and left, emotional and logical. Meditative drawing meant for those who want to discover and develop their creative potential.



Associative Painting.


Associative thinking is the linkage between imagination and action that comes from  sensations that have left their traces in human brain.(the founder of the association psychology English physician D. Hartley, RD. Hartley, 1705- 1757).


Art class - lessons at home. An opportunity to discover your inner strength. Individual and group sessions for children and adults. Classic drawing, graphics, collage, decorative art, oil painting, acrylic and watercolor, composition, history of art. Preparation for individuals majoring in art. Art therapy, helping children with disabilities, excellent for overall aesthetic development.



The greatest miracle is the human's ability for "self transfiguration" - a deep sense of wonder and delight, a return to integrity and spontaneity of children's perception of the world.


A social mask is very similar to a theatrical mask,it obliges an individual to play role since early years. Individuality is being suppressed by mass standards. "Do not create, but find and discover"( japanese proverb).




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